Monday, March 15, 2010

Taste of South End

Last week I attended the Taste of the South End in Boston. The south end is my favorite part of Boston for restaurants. I think it truly filled with the best restaurants in the city. They are all really simple good food, and really trendy and what I think of as new yorkish, and there are no chains and huge mass marketed restaurants here...well that I can think of. My favorite restaurants are Stella, Rocca, Gaslight, and I really love Coppa, The Butcher Shop, Union, B&G Oysters, Beehive and Ginger Park. Eventually you will find detailed reviews of all of these places on my blog. But for now let's get to The Taste and all the great food they had there...I am only going to elaborate on the stuff I really liked. I don't really see the need to point out things that I hated...


B&G Oysters with their fish fillet:

This was my favorite of the night. A perfect bay scallops by Turner Fisheries (which I have not been to and now need to go.) It tasted so fresh and clean:

Coppa with their pigs heart I believe. I didn't like it. But bravo to them for being out there:

The Butcher Shop:

Rocca had some amazing little sliders:

Ginger Park. I didn't like what they were serving, but they have the most amazing duck in their restaurant, and the most tasteful fried rice:

Da Vinci (which I have never been to) and their cheesy rice balls!

I can't remember who had these little beef spoons as I liked to call them, but they were yummy!

I didn't take notes, which I should have because I have forgotten a lot of what was being served. Eek. But there were some other things I really loved that I didn't get pictures of. Union had some perfect Carpacc
io. It was light and perfectly raw. Beehive had the most amazing short ribs with garlic and some ooey gooey sauce that had the best flavor ever. The ribs fell right off the bone! And Myers and Chang had a really great ginger mousse. 28 Degrees (which I have also never been to!) had these awesome tuna tartar cups. And someone there had a lobster cappuccino that I was hooked on from first taste, it was like a bisque but frothy..I wish I remembered so I could go get some! Mistral had a really simple foie gras pate with a grape slice. It was the first time I have tasted this with it tasting so clean, and not overwhelming. And someone had some perfectly cooked duck breast...I forgot who, sorry! Contact me if you know!

Can't wait for next year!

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