Thursday, September 18, 2014

A health update

Last time I updated you all I had some lung rejection going on, which very thankfully has been cleared up! Best news ever! This of course made me nervous - so far with these second lungs I have been rejection free and this prompted a lot of memories and fears, naturally! What prompted the lung biopsy was chest/back pain and a low grade fever. This started a month ago. We have been searching for a diagnosis which has included a lot of time in NY, a lot of time at my local hospital with many many scans and test, and even an emergency gallbladder surgery (when on a nuclear scan searching for a reason for my pain it showed my gallbladder was not working.) No one really was sure that removing the gallbladder would stop the pain and fevers I am feeling. Sadly it did not. It's been a drag feeling unwell for this long. It messed with your mental state to have a fever every day and all over chest pain with no answers. It also is even harder because it's chest related, which is in the area of my precious lungs.

I've been home a lot this month not doing a great deal. I will feel fine, then the fever hits me and all my joints hurt. My chest almost constantly (breast bone, and under my breasts, radiating all over my chest) feels like it is there is something bearing down on my lungs, the pain moves, the compression moves around but is always there, it's very strange. It's a feeling that signals a lot of worry to me. It is worse when I lay down, so it keeps me up too. I'm mentioning all these symptoms in case anyone reading this goes: AHA! I know what this is! I've had several echos, ekgs, ct scans, abdominal scans, ultrasounds, blood work....all clean, so Monday I will get a PET scan to check for a hidden infection or PTLD. I google a million times what might be going on and I have to believe there is an infection in my lungs, heart, or chest bones that is causing this and hopefully one of those things comes up on the PET scan and we have an answer! And then can find the right treatment.

Soon I hope to be posting about food, restaurants and some awesome vacation (this thought is keeping me sane.)

Thanks for listening!

Oh I should mention I am a finalist in a challenge to meet Martha Stewart (I have deeply admired her forever!) I worked really hard for a month submitting countless recipes. It gave me a mission while I wasn't really feeling great, which was good for me. If you have the time please go vote (voting is every day until October first.) Please register and after you do it takes one second to vote every day!

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