Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mish Mash

About two months ago I had surgery (a fundoplication aka a stomach wrap for severe acid reflux) and I could only eat pureed food for weeks.  I made a lot of cream soups, and ate more mashed potatoes than anyone should their whole lives, and had every flavor apple sauce known to man, and I ate my weight in pudding! But there was one thing that really got me through when I was craving something "fresh" like a simple piece of fruit!  With all the carbs I was eating, even though a lot of them were fresh and organic and homemade, after so many potoates taking comform in my swollen belly there were a lot of times I just wanted some fresh fruit, which I couldn't eat, but I found something that saved me at Whole Foods.  It's a food for toddlers and babies and it's called Plum Tots.  It's like baby food, but it's all organic and it's more of a mash, than baby food.  Trust my I tried Gerber and that stuff is not a mash, it's a watery puree pretty much (sorry Gerber but you are best left to babies.) These little amazing pouches, best chilled in the fridge, are JUST fruit.  There is NOTHING added! And the consistany is thick and amazing and the next best thing to eating fresh fruit.  After I was able to eat whole foods again, I still kept buying these little pouches, because, well they are great, and you can take them with you on the run, in the car, on a boat, in a plane.  I mean they are just super! So run and get them for your toddlers or babies, or even if you are an adult like me, they are so tasty, so fresh, and so made for the go! They have great combo flavors.  I love the Strawberry Mish Mash and the Peach Mish Mash.  But I hear Babies R Us has a line of "Just" which is one fruit, not a mix.  And they also have veggies, which would be really great for your kids! Maybe not a 20 something like me.  But still I am sure they are just as super as the fruit line.