Monday, December 10, 2012

My little guy turns 12

It's hard to believe I've had my little precious guy for 12 years! I remember like it was yesterday when I went to Florida for school break in high school and saw Pazzo in the window at the mall and came home with him (and did NOT tell my mom!) He captured my heart and has had it every since.  He is my constant little companion and when I was couch bound for six months he never left my side (and he had a tough job since we lost his brother two years ago and it was all on Pazzo!).  I really literally could not have made it through being sick (again) without him.  He's my little guy and we have been through so much together - first transplant, losing my mom, second transplant.  He's gotten very old in the past few weeks and I'm not really sure how much longer he is going to be around.  I try to stay with him as much as possible now (he can barely walk, and has these really horrible neck cramps that cause him to scream out and are very scary) so I don't really like to leave him alone for that long and I also want to spend every possible second with him so he knows how much I love him!