Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to Miami

A few weeks ago I attended the South Beach Wine and Food Fest.  It was my first time at this event and it was really first rate.  It must first be said that this weekend will set you back a bundle! I only attented three events and the cost was $$$$! But it was worth every penny.  The food, the alcohol, the atmosphere was impeccable.   Plus I really love Miami in general! The entire reason I wanted to attend this event (besides the fact I am a die hard foodie) was for The Bubble Q.  The Bubble Q is a champagne themed bbq.  Really, could it get any better than that? 200 bottles of champagne, amazing bbq food, and even champagne sorbet! I stayed at The Delano, and the Bubble Q tent was set up on their beach front, which was amazingly convenient, when drinking and eating so much.  The tent houses, if I had to guess, about 40 chefs preparing their best bbq fare with bubbly flowing every which way.

The Bubble Q: 

Emeril Lagasse hosted the event.  And he had the best dish there! The best pulled pork ever!

Todd English was there.  He was the first to pack up and leave though...shocker! I actually didn't have what he made, the line for his booth was too long. 

The champagne angel.  She was pouring champagne in people's glasses hanging upside like that.  What a talent!


Buddy Love. 

Don't those desserts look lovely?

Emeril doing his thing. 

Day Two: Whole Foods Tasting: 

This was day number two.  This event was similar to the bubble q but much larger, not as fancy, and with A LOT more food and enough alcohol to get a small country drunk! 

Ming Tsai from Blue Ginger

Delicious little shrimp shooters.  Thanks Whole Foods man!

Kettle One Citron had the most amazing little drinks.  They used stirrings mix: green apple, lemon drop, and pomegranate.  Yum!

The cute Evian boy.  I loved the pink!

Day Three: Paula Dean's Brunch:  This was a brunch hosted by Paula Dean, and it was nice to be able to sit down and eat, and not have to walk and hold all your food and drinks.  

Dessert table.  My first stop!

This man, Chris Kelly, had the most amazing pulled pork I've ever eaten my entire life.  I think I had three of his sandwiches!

Katie Lee and her delicious french toast with Nutella and banana.  Oh and by the way, she is stunning in person! 

Dessert time.  

All in all a super weekend, I can't wait to go back next year and possibly attempt to attend this even in NYC! 

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