Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've had the same Burberry Bag for I'd say two years almost, and I love it to death, it has been very good to me.  But it is black and for some reason I am craving a light bag right now.  I have been lusting after this Burberry for awhile, but haven't actually seen it in person yet:

I might get in trouble with the color of this bag, I just feel like everything ever would mark it up, and honestly I treat my handbags, like a bag, I use it and there is wear and tear, I'm not one of those people that would wrap a couch in bubble wrap so underneath it it could look unused.  My bags are used!

I keep telling myself when my jewelry business really "takes off", that I will treat myself to a LV Tote bag, which I've dreamed about for awhile, I just feel like they yell: PROFESSIONAL....The amount of stuff I could put in this bag gives me goosebumps, and also this is half the price of the Burberry bag, just a sidenote!

I keep seeing this bag around too and love it every time I see it, but I don't think it's as awesome as a tote.  But I'll be visiting the mall soon I think to visit these bags and weight the pros and cons of them. 

Decisions, decisions....


  1. Isn't it pretty? I need to go see it in person, and see if it is as pretty, haha.