Thursday, March 18, 2010

Myers & Chang

Today I stopped in at Myers and Chang for lunch in the South End.  I should start this post by saying I really really want to love this place, because I truly admire the vision of Joanne Chang.  I've been a frequent visitor of Flour (F2) since they moved near me in Southie and I just loveeeeeeee it there.  I just love what she does.  I can't even really elaborate on that, but I just think she seems like a bright woman who puts a lot of thought into all she does.  And I've always really liked (Christopher) Myers restaurants.  I really loved Great Bay and was sad to see it go.  Anyhow, I love the location of Myers and Chang.  I can always find parking, it's hip and trendy but doesn't try too hard (and close to my apartment.)  I had been here before for dinner with my one of my best friends, who is also my foodie partner in crime Laura (her blog) and I had some type of short rib that knocked my socks off, but the rest of the meal was nothing I would have written home about to be honest, I can't even remember what else we had....  But again I really want to LOVE this place.   I started my lunch off with a cocktail.  I got a no cavitiy check up at the dentist today, I deserved it!  

Plum Wine Spritzer ($9) plum wine, cherry puree & soda

It was yummy! And refreshing!
I really love soup, all kinds of soup, so I started off with soup! 

chicken and rice soup ($8) pork dumpling, baby bok choy

This soup had a little kick to it that I was not expecting.  But to be honest, I can't even chew a piece of big red gum, my mouth cannot handle hot on ANY level.  It was nice, but after a few bites my mouth was pretty hot, so I set it aside.  For anyone else this would have been perfect.  It had a great amount of rice in it, and would have filled anyone up.  

mama chang's pork dumplings  ($11) potsticker-style

I love dumplings, not as much as I love soup, but I do love a good dumping and people say this place has some of the best dumplings around.  They were perfectly cooked on the outside, and had a great flavor to them.  I would order them again.  They tested fresh and I appreciate that they weren't taken out of a package (from what I guess) these are made fresh.  Oh and I didn't not dare try the sauce, it looked HOT!  

The last thing I ordered, was pork belly buns ($9)which was braised pork, steamed buns, hoisin, and pickles with shrimp chips.  Okay, so I don't think I've ever had a steamed bun before because this had the touch and consistency of literally nothing I have ever eaten before.  At first bite I found it odd, but it tasted really good.  And then I got used to it.  I think it was the way it looked more than anything.  The pork was really tasty, had a little fat on it which I don't love, but really tasty and moist, and went perfect with the hoisin sauce (which I love on anything.) This is a picture from my to-go container:

Overall the lunch was really great.  Next time I come I will order the dumplings again and hope it's dinner so I can get the short ribs I had the first time I came here, they were so delicious, sometimes I dream about them! And there is some sort of waffle dish I really want to try here that must be served at dinner.  I should also mention they were pretty packed at lunch today, so other people know how great Myers and Chang is too. 

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