Friday, September 20, 2013

Bermuda Trip

This is my fourth time to Bermuda, but I still found it as nice as the first! It was super hot (I am not a fan of heat and humidity) but it was a nice time away and a beautiful wedding! Here are some pictures!

bermuda shopping!

wedding day

i will ride on this yacht anytime!

rehearsal dinner

wedding day

the drinking starts at the airport

from the plane

wedding dinner sunset

the obligatory mask/xanax taken shot
boat ride

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saving fresh herbs

I am constantly throwing away fresh herbs.... I use what I need then they wilt and die and get thrown in the trash.  I have a nice bunch of parsley that I knew would go bad while I was away, so I saved them in ice cubes (this is something I have read various times) then when it's time to use them in: sauce, soups, whatever, you throw the ice cube in!

cut up the herb
put them in an ice cube tray
fill with water
freeze, viola!

Off to Bermuda

I am off to Bermuda tomorrow for a wedding.  This is only the third time I have traveled since my transplant.  The first time was to Italy, which was a trip that literally helped keep me alive when I was sick.  I kept dreaming about it on days that were really hard.

My dog is really in poor health so I am a nervous wreck about leaving him, but my grandmother is watching him and she will do a fantastic job I know.  Today I cooked up all his meals (13) for while I am away.  And put out all his pills with a mini candy bar in a cup - candy bars are how I hide his pills.

13 meals

meal prep

my pills for the trip

my pumpkin