Saturday, March 27, 2010

Petit Robert Bistro

Laura and I went to Petit Robert Bistro for dinner during Restaurant Week.  This was our first time here, and we were pretty pumped to go here because a) they had french onion soup - and we are on a mission to eat all the french onion soup in Boston and b) we have only heard really great things about this place.  We went to the South End location, and it's a cute little spot.  It has that french old vibe when you walk in.  I think we were like the first or second people seated in this restaurant.  We both ordered a cocktail, we are usually good for one good drink! Laura got this drink that was beer and sprite with grenadine.  It sounds interesting, but this drink was sent back.  I had a martini and it was like some kind of concoction I made as a child where I would sit at a restaurant with my mom and all her friends and mix drinks and condiments and things and call it a Nasty Natasha.  That was what this drink was like.  It honestly might have been the worst thing I have ever drank.  I would have enjoyed more if I went to CVS and got a bottle of robituson and put a straw in it.  This tasted worse.  It looked fine, but it was not!

The restaurant was slowly filling up as we waited for someone to take our order, which was a very long time! We both ordered the same exact meal from the restaurant week menu: french onion soup, duck confit, and peach melba.  We both weren't really sure what melba meant, but we thought it had something to do with toast I think.  

Next came our french onion soup: 

Soupe à l’Onion Gratinée 6.5

The french onion soup looked really good, but the broth wasn't really as flavorful as I was expecting, especially for a french style restaurant.  But it was ok.  Laura thought worse of it than I.  The cheese was good!

Duck Confit and Grilled Sausage with Braised Cabbage 16.75

I really love love love duck, and so does Laura.  It was a tiny bit on the dry side I think, but it was pretty good.  It came with some interesting kind of side that was bacon and cabbage, which actually was kind of good.  The sauce was pretty flavorful too. 

Last came our Peach melba.  I really don't even know what this dessert was to be honest with you.  It was like a half of a peach that came out of a can (WHAT?) with vanilla ice cream, some raspberry sauce, and whipped cream.  This dessert evoked memories for me of someone that doesn't make dessert, trying to make dessert for a dinner party with items they just happened to have in their pantry.  I don't know one good reason to serve a canned peach, other than that! 

I really have only ever heard good things about this restaurant, but I was expecting so much more.  The only real saving grace was the duck, and even at that it wasn't enough to forget the memories of my drink and my dessert.  We figured maybe we would try this restaurant again when it was not restaurant week, but then we realized we have a list of places we need to try that we haven't been to yet, so I don't think we will be seeing PRB anytime soon.  


  1. I agree. This was a giant disappointment! The drinks, the food, the service all needed improvement. Just thinking about the cocktail makes me a little queasy right now.

  2. Where is your review!? I want to see what you give them!