Thursday, September 30, 2010

More wrap bracelets

I've made some great new wrap bracelets, see below, then head over to and use code FBFRIENDS for 30% off your entire order!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dry heaving

I've been ordered by my docs that I need to walk everyday to keep up stamina to be ready for transplant surgery when it comes.  I really hate to walk, especially when it's hard! But a friend of mine walks with me everyday to get me to do it, this is a true friend! I had an experience of throwing up a few weeks ago that involved a light bulb package, lets just leave it there, after a walk, and then today I had an experience of having to sit down on the track and dry heave - it was awesome let me tell you, haha.  Well my funny friend Laura wrote this to me in an email and it made me LOL. 

"you know what is worse than dry heaving?  throwing up into an old package of light bulbs in your
car.  Good job, i think things are actually looking up even if you don't feel like it right now" : )


Liddabit Sweet

You guys should all know about my quest for finding the perfect salty caramels.  I read about this company liddabitsweets in Real Simple Magazine, and I think they have also been featured in O Magazine.  I read about their beer and pretzel caramels and had to try them.  I won't lie at first the shipping cost swayed me not to order anything (I think it was round 20 dollars) so I put a bunch of things in my cart and ended up not ordering anything.  But then after a month or so I came back.  I ordered the beer and pretzel caramels, the sea salt caramels and the s'mores bar.  I was so excited for this package to arrive (it took a lot longer than I thought it would!) I tore into it right away.  I must say I am not a beer drinker at all and the beer and pretzel caramels were a little bit strong for me, but if I could have this caramel with just the pretzels and not the beer flavor I would be in heaven! Funny thing though, even though the taste was a little strong for me, after I finished one I immediately wanted another one! The s'mores bar was delicious.  It had the perfect amount of everything in it, the combination was really tasty! But my favorite of all favorites were the sea salt caramels.  I've eaten a lot of these in my day, I've ever made my own, and these by far were the best caramel I've ever had.  The sweet and salty combination was perfectly balanced, and the consistency of the caramel was absolutely perfect.  I wanted to share this with a foodie friend of mine, but after just two days I ate all six of them.  I couldn't stop.  They were like a drug I could not get enough of.  I will be ordering from them again soon there are so many other things I want to try (I'm a lollipop addict I must try these.)  I also want to say I love this little company (it's run by woman, and they use all local and organic ingredients when they can), they need money for more equipment and to hire full time staffers, if you want to help go here.  I would go work for them if a) I was awesome enough to live in brooklyn, and b) they paid me in caramel.   

Friday, September 17, 2010

Paws it Forward

My little man and I got a special package from our friend Laurie over at Sweet Sadie the Corgi which was full of fun treats for Pazzo! He likes treats, not toys, obviously if you have ever met him, haha.  Paws it Forward works in this way: you get a package of doggie goodness, and then you send off two packages, and those people send off two packages.  You get the idea.  So if you have a doggie then comment on this post (with a little bit about you and your furkid) and I will pick two people to send a little doggie care package too!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You all saw my spice makeover a few weeks ago (and now of course Williams-Sonoma now has similar spice jars!) so you know I am into spices.  Especially salts.  I love all kinds of salts, colors, textures, sweetness, etc.  But there is one random spice that I use a lot that I want to share with you and it is Valencia orange peel.  I use it in a lot of things and it just brings this little hint of citrusy flavor and it is my secret ingredient in many things.   I use it in my chicken teriyaki wings, butternut squash soup, and citrus marinated shrimp, as well as fresh whipped cream.  Buy some and see what ideas you come up with!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zuko Pop Maker

With the end of summer finally here I gave my Zuko Popsicle maker a whirl.  (I had to have it last winter, and then it sat in my freezer unused, go figure.) I didn't get too fancy because well I had also made my mini fried dough on this day and I couldn't put any more effort into this than pouring juice in the machine.  It really is fascinating how it works.  And I'd love to get the recipe book to make really creative pops (swirls, layers, yogurt, fruit slices etc.)  If you like Popsicles as much as I do or you have kids I really recommend purchasing this gadget. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

The MET Review

After spending a few hours at Ikea, there is nothing more that I want than a nice burger.  (I love burgers) And I've been wanting to go to a MET Restaurant for awhile.  I mean I go by two of them a lot and I just have never been before.  But I knew there was one in Dedham on our way home so I persuaded my shopping partner to stop.  I think they are really known for their burgers.  I follow them on Twitter though and I they also seem to have a good lobster deal and a tacos and chicken special.  But I was fixed on the burger menu.  You pick your meat, size, toppings, etc to create your own burger, unless you choose one of their special burgers already made.  I was torn I have to tell you, I kind of wanted to have a burger with avacado and a fried egg on it.  And I kind of wanted to have one with swiss and mushrooms.  I should have gotten mini burgers and had both of these, but I went with something I would usually order and had cheddar and mushrooms on two mini burgers.  (Remember I love mini!) And my friend is on a new all natural diet sort of thing, so she had a huge giant cobb salad with shrimp.

I loved the presentation of the burger.  And they were really good.  They were cooked really perfectly, and the bun had a little sweetness to it.  I don't really like french fries so I can't give you a real review of these, but when I do like french fries I like the shoe string crispy kind.  My friend ate her entire salad and I stole a shrimp which was really good and fresh tasting.  The presentation of the salad was nice too, I liked how they stacked it.  The service was really good.  And the restaurant was nice.  A little fancier than I think I would have thought.  But probably what you envision an upscale burger place to be like: leather & dark.

I'll be back.  Maybe next time for lobsters.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween is coming

This medium sized guy was waiting to great me this morning...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

OPI Nail Gel Update

For all of you asking how long the nail gel lasted, well it held up to its promise.  It lasted about 2.5 weeks, and it would have lasted longer honestly if I didn't do this weird anxiety thing with my nails where I constantly am playing with them.  It never chipped at all! It was kind of amazing.  I did something stupid and I peeled them all off on my own, instead of going to the salon and having it soaked off like you are supposed to.  That wasn't so great for my nails.  But I would totally do it again especially for a special occasion, even if I only kept it on for a week, it doesn't chip! That is the most important part!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lung Update

I completely forgot to update all of you on my list visit.  I am steadily declining in the same way, losing about 1% of my lung function every 3 weeks.  But the difference is at 33% you feel it much much more than at 50%.  So even though I am not losing a lot of function, I can really feel even just 1%.  I am at 33% now, and I lost 5 lbs which is NOT okay.  I got read the riot act a little bit that if I lose anymore weight they won't list me.  It's not my fault I am losing weight clearly, the more lung function I lose the more weight I will lose, that is just the nature of it when my lungs are working so hard, but I need to just be eating like a cow - all day long.  I have been eating so much since my last visit, I don't want any reason for them not to give me new lungs.  I think yesterday I ate 20 munchkins, haha.  And you will see lots more high fat cooking of things I don't usually cook (i.e. I don't really bake.) because I really need to at least maintain my weight.  I am back on the 21st.  And the journey continues...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doughuts or mini fried dough?

I wanted to attempt to make donuts (because I think this is going to be a fall trend, and I entered it as part of a submission for a blogger job that I didn't get so I think I can now post this) but somehow because I didn't feel like cutting them into donuts they turned into mini fried dough.  I just rolled the dough into tiny balls.  I think the mini fried dough works out really well actually because you could then have a topping station, with sugars, and sauces, and cheeses and stuff.  I think that is a great idea for a party.  The only thing is, these little puppies are only good the day you make them.  I tried to reheat them the next day, and they were NOT good....It is fairy easy, but the dough is super sticky and this makes the process kind of aggravating..

I used this recipe 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My BFF comes to visit & we eat

I'm really lucky enough that two of my best friends are big time foodies.  It is hard to be a foodie alone! You all know my foodie friend Laura over at first class panda, but you have not met my other foodie friend Aly.  She lives in Manhattan so I only get to physically see her a few times a year.  She came to visit over the weekend before she goes back to work (she is a teacher) which was super super nice of her because she only got to spend about 24 hrs here.  But we crammed in a lot of food in that short span of time! I picked her up on New London, CT and we headed on over to Mystic.  I really love it there and don't spend enough time there considering how close it is.  I wanted to take her to one of my favorite restaurants called Azu.  Now, because my mom was a restauranter, I know who the owner is and have dined frequently at all of her three amazing restaurants.  And I happen to know the reason behind the  name of this restaurant.  When they were creating the space, it was a crazy experience and the owner said, "this place is a fucking zoo!" and hence comes azu! I love that story.  Anyway I love this place because they have a menu full of small bites, and for entrees they have an amazing risotto.  This was one of the last places I dined with my mom, we went there for my birthday before she got sick.  Anyway, Aly and I were overwhelmed with what to choose! We both wanted clam chowder, and then we picked three small bites.  Also I had a killer alcoholic lemonade which may have been one of the best drinks I've ever had.  The soup was really good and creamy.  We choose mini burgers (I'm obsessed with burgers), onion rings, and crab cakes.  They were all really good, the burgers were the best.  I loved the tiny little things that the condiments were in.  Aly was telling me about this place in Chicago that all the food and all the things are mini, and I need to go.  I love mini!

For dinner we went to my favorite sushi restaurant baba sushi.  They have the freshest sushi ever seriously.  We always get the spicy tuna, angel maki (which is lobster tempura with sweet potato) and shrimp tempura.  And this amazing banana dessert which I did not photograph.  But it's a magical banana.  I am a regular here, I love being a regular somewhere! Aly loved it and I was so glad.  This was our day filled with good food.   

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mr Chow Noodles

Maybe ten years ago my mom and I started going to Mr. Chows in Manhattan, and then we went to the one in LA and I think the one in London, because we were addicted to Mr. Chow's Noodles.  I don't know what they put in these amazing fluffy noodles, but let me tell you they are one of the best dishes on the planet.  I haven't been in a few years and I returned to my favorite hang out this week.  I used to actually go enough that we became "regulars" as much as people who live 4 hours away can be regulars, and the waiters all knew me and knew my oxygen tank when I got sick, and new my surgical mask after I got my transplant and had to wear one for awhile.  It was kind of neat for this amazing restaurant in manhattan to see me transform.  We always ordered too many noodles and they would say 'that is too much starch maybe you should get some vegetables." Hm maybe not dude, I am hear for the noodles! And we always ordered the Peking duck too, and the Chicken Joanna.  These were our staples, and then one night L.L Cool J (yes that one) turned is onto the squab which we thought originally was insane, and that too became a staple of what we ordered.  On my return visit, I got two orders of noodles and the waiter thought I was insane! He kept saying no, really that is too much and I kept saying listen, I will eat them, and what I do not eat I will take home! These are the perfect noodles.

I lapped that dish up so fast.  I am not sure I even let my friend eat any.  We had dumplings too which were actually not very good so I didn't even take a picture. 

Next came all the usual: duck and its components, and the most moist chicken ever (and baby bok chow for my friend.)

We didn't eat as much as we could have, because we ate all the noodles and the duplings.  But I emptied out my mini fridge in our hotel room and tucked all my to go food in there to bring back home.  And then I ate the second order of noodles the next day.

I wish I had more.  Also these noodles are made in house.  There is a man that comes out with a giant ball of dough and magically turns it into thousands of strands of noodles.  Here he is:

Now this place is CRAZY expensive.  I mean P. Diddy doesn't come here frequently because he wants something cheap, but I think it is worth it.  My friend had a differnt opinion and wasn't sure it was worth it because most of it we had to take home after we ate so much noodle and dumplings, she doesn't eat left overs so she thought maybe the $$$$ wasn't all it was cracked up to be to just reheat most of what we ordered.  So go with a big empty belly! And get the noodles!

Ink 48

I did something different this week after my check up in Manhattan and instead of coming home, I stayed the night in the city.  I stayed at a new hotel called Ink 48, which used to be a publishing house, which I find so cool! I had really high expectations for this hotel as being cool and modern.  My usual go to hotel is the W, so I was looking for a comprable feel.  This hotel is located in Hell's kitchen, which is not the best location in the world, but with such easy access to taxis I don't really think that matters much.  Plus this was an ideal location for me because it's right off the west side highway, and so is my hospital.  The hotel is located between lots and lots of car dealerships.  If you are looking for a starbucks next door to you, and some nice scenery you will not find that here.  We pulled up to a really cool building though, and valeted the car, which they were super quick about, and entered the lobby.  We walked into the lobby and we were greeted by three dog bowls, which I thought was so cute.  This hotel is doggie friendly.  The lobby was really nice and relaxed and modern.  I loved it. 

We were checked in right away and went up to our room.  The room was better than I expected actually.  We were in something like a junior suite, so it was really spacious and the bathroom was really amazing, with a soaking tub and huge shower and two sinks. 

We had a really great city view, and the bed was SO comfortable.  We had a nice little couch at the window too. 

It was also really quiet.  I was able to sleep peacefully here.  We had room service breakfast which was also really good.  The only thing i regret is we didn't have any time to make it up to the rooftop bar which was totally hopping by the time we got back from dinner.  Next time.  I will stay here again in a heart beat.  I would high recommend it.  But if you are the type that wants to be in Time Square and have everything right at your footstep, this hotel is not for you.  But if you don't mind a 10 dollar cab right to get wherever you might want to go, this place is perfect for you.  We walked two avenues over and there were tons of restaurants and things around, just nothing right next to us....