Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Olive Oil

I cook literally everything in extra virgin olive oil.  I came across this sale on Rue La La a few months ago from the company O -- which makes all sorts of oils and ordered 9 bottles of different variations of olive oil, vinegars and balsamic.  I've now had the opportunity to try most of the flavors and want to spread to you guys how great they are (you can get them at places like Whole Foods -- probably not all the kinds they offer -- but you can also get them on their website ooliveoil.  I use the extra virgin practically every day for anything I saute and have found great recipes for the vinegars, and I use the balsamic on tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. They are all so yummy!


  1. There is a new olive oil company on Newbury St. I forget what it's called... have you seen it?

  2. I think Laurie was telling me about it. She brought me a tiny bottle sample of balsamic. Laurie was that place on Newbury?