Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Tomatoes

I know a lot of people that love and eat dried fruit, but I also know it's not really good for you because most dried fruit is LOADED with sugar -- like you might as well just eat candy, that's how much sugar most of it has.  I really love peaches and you know it's hard to find a good peach in the winter, so I came across this dried fruit at Whole Foods awhile ago and ate a 5 oz container of dried peaches in like 60 seconds they were so good.  They tasted just like a real peach with nothing else to it, and they were chewy in a different way.  I have been buying them ever since.  They are called justtomatoes and to make it even easier you can buy their products online. My favorite are the peach, banana, and mango and none of them have ANYTHING added to them!

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