Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movie Review - Bridesmaids

Linds and I went to our usual weekly matinee last week where we saw Bridesmaids. We had high hopes for it, Laura had previously told me it was very funny and so did Lin's grandma! I got my usual popcorn and icee and we had Five Guys before we went for lunch...

First of all I just have to say we got carded for this movie, hahaha! And like if we hadn't had our ID's they were not going to let us in!

I enjoyed the movie a lot.  It had more of a plot than I was expecting it to have and at some points I found the main characters to be kind of annoying, but there were LOL moments for sure.  I find poop humor extremely funny, so there is this one scene in the movie that literally had me crying, and just for this scene alone it's worth going to see.  The movie also has a nice little you know message of friendship and love, I think I actually may have fought back one tear even...

I give it a B!

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