Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend...

Yeah clearly this post is late! But I didn't want to forget to post about how my friends made it a great weekend!

I got to hang out with Lindsey all day Friday, and it was great -- this included porch time, crab cakes, and ice cream!

And Laura and Abe came over and spent the night Sunday.  Literally all we did was eat.  First we started with cheeseburgers, which Abe so nicely grilled for us.  And chicken wings, oh and baked beans! (Guys Bush' baked beans are really really good and like no work involved just a note.)  After we ate they noticed one of the jetskis floating away so they hopped in the lake and saved it! They proceeded to go for a ride, but little did we know the jetskis needed new spark plugs...I think they had fun sitting on it though.  Next time they might graduate to going for a ride...

I think we even might have taken some kind of quasi nap before it became time for lobsters and Korean style BBQ! (A treat, I've never had it!) I cooked the lobsters myself which always makes me a little sad.  I gave them a little back rub before they went in the pot. 

Abe graciously cooked the pork belly and short ribs which were delicioussssss! With rice and lots of little sides that go with Korean BBQ! Somehow even after we were in a food coma with BBQ and butter we ate some of Laura's homemade cupcakes.  I just remember somehow being in bed, I was in a food coma!

The next day I had a real surprise for them and I brought them to Carl's in Oxord, MA where when you order a side of sausage you get 7 links of sausage! I had a GIANT stack of blueberry pancakes! Abe had an omelet the size of my head and finished it all, like he should have gotten a free shirt or something seriously! It was an amazing feat! And Laura had 

It was a very enjoyable weekend of friends and food! Food = love.   Next time they come, not only will food be flowing, but the scorpion bowl experience happens...

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