Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Little Things...

So last week I made a trip to Whole Foods and came home with four bags and a gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice (my fav) so I carried in 2 bags at a time and then got really tired (hard carrying heavy bags and oxygen) and didn't have time to run out again before the weather man on TV told me we were having a tornado and I needed to get in the basement.  Needless to say I forgot about the OJ till the next day, when it had already exploded in my truck! Ugh! Worse than that the sticky-ness caused my trunk to get stuck shut. So this meant I really had to have a pro clean it because I couldn't get the trunk open! So with the heat the OJ started molding, seriously it was a tragic scene.  I had mentioned this to my acupuncturist yesterday and she proceeded to say "Oh my husband will take a look at it!" and wouldn't you know he got the trunk open and cleaned my carpets out and everything, and the OJ had gotten into the wheel well and he cleaned that out too! I couldn't believe someone was just so nice that they would do all that for me.  It really made my week, just to know all they wanted to do was help.  I mean really HOW NICE.  It's nice to feel loved.   

Another one of my friends got me this notebook (little presents make me so happy.) Isn't it awesome? Also some bacon flavored popcorn which I need to try and review!

So I suggest doing something nice for someone just never know how much it will change their day!

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