Sunday, October 10, 2010

Soup in the City

My friend Laura and I are really big french onion soup connoisseurs.  We are serious about our french onion! We have been to almost every place in Boston that serves it.  And we have also called every place in Boston that doesn't serve it.  We had big plans to go to Bouchee on Newbury St last week.  We love their french onion! It's like a 8/10 french onion soup.  And guess what, to our horror it had become a Pappa Razzi! WTF! Our plan had totally been ruined and we didn't know where to go, because we had plans to go to MiniLuxe after so we had to stay close by.  We called every place on Newbury basically and no one served french onion, also people were still serving clam chowder this is not okay with me clams are for summer! So we reluctantly went to Abe and Louis, because their soup is like a 6/10 kind of french onion soup.  I'm not sure why, it has A LOT of cheese on it, and it's really big, but just something is lacking with it.  But I did enjoy my glass of wine and crab cocktail! After our soup let down we headed over to MiniLuxe and they were @@sholes to us.  I'm just going to be honest.  They let us stand there for a few minutes while four people working were huddled around doing nothing, when finally the receptionist asked us if she could help us and then at 7:15 told us they didn't have time to do two manicures.  Really? I then tweeted about it to I believe the MiniLuxe owner and got no response and this infuriates me.  My mother owned and ran three very successful restaurants so I grew up with business in my blood and let me tell you not acknowledging someone that had a bad experience is really bad business.  That is like business 101 MiniLuxe owner! We ventured down the street and got perfectly good manicures (also at a place that closed at 8 but oddly enough had time for us.) I'm pretty sure we won't be back to MiniLuxe anytime soon.   Or Bouchee :-(

What is your favorite place for french onion soup?

Here is my list:
The Harvest, Putnam CT
Balthazar, NYC
Chop House 111, Worcester MA
Bouchee, Boston MA
Gaslight, Boston MA
Abe and Louis, Boston MA

I can't think of any other places right now but I know there are some.....

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