Thursday, October 14, 2010

My crush on Andy Cohen

This post is totally off topic from anything I usually post on here, but I need to profess my giant gay man crush I have on Andy Cohen from Bravo.  Anytime I see him on a reunion show, or Kathie Lee and Hoda, or Watch What Happens Live he makes me LOL - for real.  His tweets make me giggle too.  And he looks cute in a suit.  He is basically the gay man of my dreams.  Come on every girl has one.  He is also the only gay man that I'll stay up until ungodly hours of the night on a weekday to see.  And even when he is promoting something on that show in a sleazy kind of way (see: MGD64) I still love him and think no less of him for being lame like that.  I want to hang out on his deck of his weekend home and rub his Buddha belly while he has his makers mark and ginger ale and I have my vodka cranberry.  Andy is my mazel of the week....



  1. My gay man crush is Anderson Cooper...

  2. Oh he is a close second! It's true every girl has one I think!