Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is that like Facebook?

A friend of mine is on a diet and using this website SparkPeople to add up the calories she eats everyday.  Well we had this idea that it would be good for me to track what I eat to make sure I am eating enough.  I should aim for 3000 calories a day at least.  Well I did it today for the first time and moral of the story is: I am NOT eating enough! I thought I was consuming so many more calories than I am!  I need to kick this eating plan up a notch and get higher calorie foods and fattier foods.  Hopefully I stick with the tracking, it's a little tedious.  But when I saw my friend doing it I said "is that like facebook or something?" having no idea what the website was really for.

Do you guys track your calories (those I am sure trying to lose weight) it's kind of eye opening! I thought I was eating so much more!

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