Thursday, March 24, 2011

Transplant Thursday

I had a check up Tuesday, I go every three weeks basically so my weight and numbers can be monitored and of course to make sure everything else is my body is working normally for new lungs to come.  The last two weeks I have felt a real decline.  I had a week where I felt good, like I could do a lot of things and it wasn't killing me, and then I hit a wall and it seems like even doing little every day things started to make me really really tired and I was so short of breath.  So it was no surprise that my lung function is down to 24%.  Especially at this point, every 1% you lose is like dying a little more inside - that sentence is dramatic, but I can feel a huge change in little things even from going to 26% to 24%.  My weight was 84 lbs which is terrific, because last time I was 79 lbs.  This is huge huge huge! We're dealing with a few other things right now, I've been getting crazy night sweats and we are just making sure they aren't coming from some underlying infection, because that wouldn't be good for new lungs.  But on Monday they had lungs for me, but for a specific reason that I don't want to announce on here, the hospital ending up having to turn them down.  So, lungs could be coming seriously any day now and I am more and more ready every day that goes by....


  1. Seriously hoping and praying for you! New lungs soon! :)

  2. You are going to get the shiniest, prettiest new lungs everrrrr! I can feel it :)

  3. Oh Natasha I really hope they come soon!! I am sorry to hear that your lung function is so low! I am thinking about u!!!