Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A cookie within a cookie

So one of my BFFs came to visit me this weekend (@firstclasspanda), and she never comes empty handed! This time she brought me cookies within a cookie! I've ever seen such a thing before, but what a genius idea! And she backed them all on her own.  They are almost gone now so I wanted to document them before the plate was empty.  There is an Oreo inside these delicious chocolate chip cookies.   

On another note, I had a checkup yesterday and I need to gain like 3 lbs or I am going to need a feeding tube.  So lots of cookies within a cookie are going in my belly!


  1. These are double stuffed oreos inside! So there are about 300 cals in each with about 14g fat! Yesssss.

  2. those look AMAZING.

  3. How do you make these?! Can you just bake the chocolate chip cookies with the oreos inside?

  4. Here is the recipe guys!