Friday, February 18, 2011

Gloss Balm

I have a real obsession with lip gloss.  I own probably 100 different types of lip gloss from squeezable things, to crayon like things, to hard glosses.  I don't know why but it's hard for me to pass things that are shimmery and pink and pretty up! It's always really good when I can find a cheaper brand that I really love because I tend to buy lip glosses that are way overpriced! I saw a commercial for a new gloss balm (I love new hybrids!) from COVERGIRL that I had to try.  As far as pharmacy brands go COVERGIRL is my favorite brand - I love their lashblast mascara (it's awesome), and their outlast lipstain (perfect stain.)  So last week I picked up their new natureluxe gloss balm (in tulip - a light almost sheer pink color) and I can't stop using it.  It's so soft and creamy, but not overwhelming, and something I can put on everyday to just run an errand somewhere and it makes me look a little more "made up" but not over done - it's more a sheer natural color.  It was only around 7 dollars too - a great steal versus the Tarte crayon lip gloss sticks I am recently obsessed with....

I suggest you go give it a try!

natureluxe gloss balm in tulip
*image courtesy of covergirl

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