Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Germinator

So, it's happened I have a germ cloud in my house and I need to guard myself against it.  In my medical opinion I don't have enough lung function to get a cold, so I am being really diligent in not letting myself get sick with my house partner spreading her germs all around.  She has been sick for over a week now, and I am still cold free! These are the tools I have used and you should use them too.  I mean, they aren't overkill at all! (I'm also in the market for a germ wand, please leave reviews of the one you have - because I know you have one.)

violight - UV germ killer for your toothbrush

lysol foam for your hands

hand wipes for your hands and everything else

gel sanitizer

clorex wipes for (remotes, computers, phones, counter tops, etc)

spray for EVERYTHING

this is plugged in near me to kill the germs in the air!


  1. what's that last thing called? im intrigued!

  2. it's called the germ guardian! i got it at target.

  3. I want that foam stuff!!! I like foam lol. And wow, you have definitely gotten more obsessed with this stuff since I lived with you lol.

  4. you are too funny!!!! thats great that ur sooo un top of that. thank u for our valentines day card!!!! xoxoxox

  5. hey you finally got the commenting to work!!! yahoo!!! when are you coming up for a visit?

  6. Hmmm..thanks for the tip, i'll probably get some of those..i have been getting sick a lot this winter its been very hard. i even came down with the flu :( at work i turned into a total germophobe and i scold everyone that coughs within a 50 feet radius to me..