Monday, November 29, 2010

Lung Update

I am going to try and post every day this week, I know I have been MIA.  I had a check up last week and I wanted to update you all! My weight is stable - hooray for that! My lung function is down to 28% my oxygen is level is getting a little low, but not enough to need oxygen full time yet...So as usual things are steadily declining.  I am having crazy night sweats lately so we are trying to figure out what that is coming from.  They tested me for a few different viruses which all came back negative so now we need to try and figure out what else it might be.  Night sweats always scare me because they make me think of lymphoma but it seems pretty obvious it has to be coming from some sort of infection.  I'll keep you updated! Thanks for checking in :)

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  1. I'm getting caught up on your blog and just read this post. Did they ever figure out what was causing the night sweats? Or did they stop?

    I started getting night sweats after my brain hemorrhage in 09. But the doctors have said I'm totally healthy and couldn't figure it out.

    So I ended up seeing a naturopath and tried acupuncture. After 2 treatments, the night sweats completely stopped. The doctor explained it as a sign that my body was out of balance and certain organs were not getting the necessary oxygen flow, which then caused certain reactions like the night sweats.

    Anyway, I know my health issues vs. yours are totally different, but I was just curious if you ever figured that part out.

    Hope you're doing well and I'm sorry you're having a not so good day! Sending good vibes your way :) xo
    - Jaclyn