Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lung Update

So we've finally had some movement in my lung function - I've been pretty stable at 33% for the past few months I think, or somewhere around there.  I was at the doctors last week with one of my bffs Lindsey (who comes with me a lot so I want to give her a little shout out!) and my lung function has dropped between 29% and 31% (they used two different machines but the worst would be used if they listed me.) That means that it makes sense that I feel a little crappier and I am slowly moving closer and closer to getting on the list.  We calculated what my score would be right now if I were listed and it was 39, and most people on the list are in the high 40's (the higher the number the closer to the top you are.)  In really good new my weight has stayed at 83 pounds for months now and I am working really hard to ensure I don't drop any or I know I will be strapped down and forced to get a feeding tube - this is something a foodie does not desire! This is the update, inching closer and closer to breathing again...

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