Monday, November 8, 2010


My foodie friend and I decided to try out Towne because everyone seems to be raving about it....It's in kind of a random location to me, but I bet it's good for the after work crowd.  And they have a really good spot for valet! When I walked in I wasn't really sure how to get to the dining room - it's super confusing - and I wandered around for a while and no one cared to ask me if I needed help, which annoyed me a lot I must say.  If you don't want to bother to ask it should probably be more clear how to get there.  Finally I asked someone and they directed me in the back to another bar and the dining area.  Both the bars were really packed.  Someone sat me and while I waited for Laura (this is shocking, she is always early, haha) they poured me some water in this interesting science beaker.   Warning: All of these pictures were taken with my IPhone in bad lighting.

I looked over the drink list and they had some really great sounding martinis, but seriously the mocktails made me salivate.  I got a drink that had orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and grenadine and it was AMAZING.  If I could have added some vodka to this it would have been the perfect mixed drink

They had a lot of starters and I really wanted to get the tare tare but I love risotto so I got the grape risotto with foie gras which I hate, but I wanted the risotto that badly.  I should have gotten the tare tare, there was nothing grape about this risotto besides 3 grapes on top of it.  Maybe the duck liver would have been amazing but for what I was looking for this was not worth it.

Laura got the pizza, which was photographed really badly, but it was really really good! I suggest the pizza!

For my entree I got the duck, which I expected to be sweeter because it was supposed to be covered in cane sugar, but it was really good.  It was no better than any other duck I've had at a good restaurant, but it was really good.  

Laura got the chicken, and I think she felt the same way, it was no better than any other chicken she's ever had, but it was good. 

The scene of the restaurant is really cool, it was really full by the time we got our entrees and the bar was beyond packed.  The wait staff was really great too.  If I went back it would probably be for some cocktails or mocktails and the pizza...

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