Friday, September 10, 2010

Lung Update

I completely forgot to update all of you on my list visit.  I am steadily declining in the same way, losing about 1% of my lung function every 3 weeks.  But the difference is at 33% you feel it much much more than at 50%.  So even though I am not losing a lot of function, I can really feel even just 1%.  I am at 33% now, and I lost 5 lbs which is NOT okay.  I got read the riot act a little bit that if I lose anymore weight they won't list me.  It's not my fault I am losing weight clearly, the more lung function I lose the more weight I will lose, that is just the nature of it when my lungs are working so hard, but I need to just be eating like a cow - all day long.  I have been eating so much since my last visit, I don't want any reason for them not to give me new lungs.  I think yesterday I ate 20 munchkins, haha.  And you will see lots more high fat cooking of things I don't usually cook (i.e. I don't really bake.) because I really need to at least maintain my weight.  I am back on the 21st.  And the journey continues...

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