Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doughuts or mini fried dough?

I wanted to attempt to make donuts (because I think this is going to be a fall trend, and I entered it as part of a submission for a blogger job that I didn't get so I think I can now post this) but somehow because I didn't feel like cutting them into donuts they turned into mini fried dough.  I just rolled the dough into tiny balls.  I think the mini fried dough works out really well actually because you could then have a topping station, with sugars, and sauces, and cheeses and stuff.  I think that is a great idea for a party.  The only thing is, these little puppies are only good the day you make them.  I tried to reheat them the next day, and they were NOT good....It is fairy easy, but the dough is super sticky and this makes the process kind of aggravating..

I used this recipe 

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