Friday, August 20, 2010

Soak it Off

Today finally I got the new OPI soak off nail gel done.  I've been wanting to do it for weeks! In theory this is the most perfect product for me because I have really nice nails on my own and I do not want fake nails ever, but when I just get a regular manicure it starts to chip in days, but my friends with fake nails keep their nails in great condition for weeks and I envy that! Finally, this product is basically like fake nails without the fake nails.  The process involved a lot of layers of gel, and a lot of UV lighting, but if it lasts the 2-3 weeks without chipping I will be a happy camper.  I am going to keep you all posted on how long it lasts for.  And it came in a lot more colors than I thought it would.  I got a nice bright pink.  But you can also get just a regular french manicure which would be really nice too if it lasts 3 weeks!

We'll see....

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  1. ooooooh i've never heard of this but i LOVE the looks of it!