Thursday, August 12, 2010

All Things Sparkly

You guys know I love things that sparkle! And I've always had a thing for chandeliers.  I envision the types I will eventually have one day in my perfect dream home.  And when I think of owning a little boutique/bead store one day it's always designed around the perfect chandelier.   Something modern, but has that antique charm to it, maybe with a splash on color.  Well ladies (and maybe some gents) today on One King's Lane (a home decor discount store website) they were selling chandeliers! And they had a lot of really crazy ones that I wanted so badly, but they were uber expensive even at 50% off, but there was one calling my name that was in my price range and I thought, it was such a deal, I had to have it, even if I never opened the little store I have circling in my head I would find something to eventually do with it.  But maybe when I get better and am breathing again this will be my motivating factor to really go forward...

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