Monday, August 30, 2010

First Class Panda visits the lake!

This weekend I had a really nice treat with one of my best friends coming to visit me over an hour from her home.  This is her and her husband as we stroll slowly along sipping sangria and miller lite.  And eating lots and lots of food.  They got to meet the people I spend most of my time with now that I am out of the city, including my little buddy Maggie who was kind enough to show us her thousands of Silly Bandz! She was nice enough to give me one shaped in a hamburger.  Awesomeness.  

I think they had a really nice time and I hope they come back soon!  I should have taken more incriminating pictures after 10 miller lites went down, but I'm pretty bad with remembering to get the camera out.  Here is Abe's paris hilton pose.

And tomorrow I am off to the sweltering hot city of New York for a check up....I'll have a full report Wednesday!

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