Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lung Update

I'm going to try to update now every time I go for a check up during this retransplant process.  I go every 2 - 3 weeks now.  Yesterday it was hot as an African safari in Manhattan! 108 degrees! One of my best friends Lindsey came with me, which was really nice.  There were not a lot of people around for any of my tests so we didn't really wait much.  I have the same routine every time I go.  I do: blood work, chest x-ray, pulmonary function tests, and then bring all of those test results (well not blood work) to my transplant doctor and we discuss where I am in my decline.   We waited awhile once we got to the transplant floor and seriously the AC was not working on the floor and it was hot as anything! All of my numbers had pretty much stayed the same from two weeks prior.  My lung function is 36% and my weight is 83 lbs, so we didn't really have that much to discuss, since that has stayed pretty constant all month.  It seems like I generally take a dip once a month in lung function.  In my head I think I'd feel comfortable going back on the transplant list when I am in the high 20's, by then my fear of dying I think will trump my fear of another transplant, which is sort of what I am waiting for before I go back on the list. 


  1. Love your blog, hate that you are ill, but your outlook stupendous, love butter as much as I do :-)

  2. Seriously had an uncontrollable feeling of bursting into tears reading this. I just want you to be healthy forever! I love your blog so much!