Friday, July 16, 2010

awesome things

Something else I love: honey.  But not the honey you get in a squeeze jar shaped like a bear, like real true raw and authentic (and sometimes flavored honey).  I was initially drawn to this brand - Bee Raw - because I really just loved the jar it was in.  It was sleek and modern and I had to have it for the awesome jar.  I have since tried a few varieties of their honey and I am hooked! The flavor is just amazing.

I have since stumbled upon their website Bee Raw Honey and have found something amazing! Flights of honey! You know when you have a flight of wine? You get a little sample of a bunch of different wines.  It is just like that, but with honey and they come in great such great packs.  My favorite is the one meant for cheese! But I need to eventually buy this:


  1. Flights of honey! I love the idea of of gourmet candy bars, flights of gummy candies, flights of pickles, flights of fudge, flights of sherbert. I think I have found my true calling.

  2. I want a flight of gummy candy! Get on it!

    A flight of facials: