Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, I'm not really a big fan of Giada - her last name is too long for me to type.  She is cute and everything, but I made one of her pasta dishes a few years ago, all I remember is it had lots and lots of bread crumbs in it, and it was HORRIBLE.  I mean, I think it made me dry heave.  And since then whenever I see her somewhere randomly she is putting bread crumbs in like everything she makes.  Cut it out! Well I saw her on the Today show last week and saw her making these chocolate caramel bars and decided I would give her another try, only because I really love caramel and this was an excuse for me to make it for others.  

Here is the recipe:
Giada Bars (I did not use the coffee flavor and just kept it as chocolate)

It was super easy to make, but had a lot of steps.  First the graham cracker bottom layer:

Then the caramel layer:

Then the chocolate layer:


Okay, it seemed like it would turn out like a really awesome dessert, but it was entirely too chocolately.  No one could even tell this had a layer of caramel in it, because the chocolate layer was so rich and overpowering, it was amazing how thick and rich it was, it completely engulfed my beautiful caramel! If I made this again somehow I would try to tone down the chcolate, and maybe make it more fudgy and harder, because it was pretty soft and warm and goeey by the time it reached room temperature again.  But it was good in theory...

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