Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cornbread & Chicken & Broth! Oh my!

I had a desire a few days ago to make homemade cornbread and a roasted chicken.  I should have attempted to make baked beans too, but alas I didn't.  (I love those.)  And both turned out really nicely.  I have never made cornbread before.  I used this recipe: Cornbread

It's really so easy.  First you mix the dry ingredients together:

Then add the wet ingredients:

Put in the oven and presto chango:

When I roast a chicken I generally drizzle EVO all over it, sprinkle some salt and pepper and chopped garlic over it, and cut a few pieces of butter and lay it on top.  For this chicken I did the same but cut a lemon in half and put it inside the chicken, with a few cloves of garlic too.  And I put some fresh thyme on it and inside of it.  I cook it for around 1.5 hrs at 425 and then let it rest for 20 minutes (with foil over it.)  And it comes out as juicy as can be!

After we ate the chicken, I then took the carcus and put it in a pot of water and added an onion, lots of salt and some pepper to make a chicken broth.

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