Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I came across this line of perfume, body wash, and nail polish a few weeks ago and got really excited because it was all natural and organic.  I decided on a whim to order a few things from this company online - not getting to touch and test things is hard for me, but I did it anyway! And I really love their website (Sula)

I thought there stuff was so pretty! I ordered some nail polish and some body wash.  

The great thing about the nail polish is it peels off when you want to take it off, so you don't have to use any nail polish remover to take it off!!!

I painted these myself, so they aren't great, but the color was surpisingly bright for being water based.  

And it peeled right off! The body wash smells really good and is really light and lovely.  I would really recommend these products!


  1. Pretty cool! Regular nail polish peels off my nails...which I why I barely wear it, so this nail polish probably wouldn't be great for me. But pretty cool. I like their packaging.

  2. Well this peels off like a sticker almost! I don't think it's possible for regular nail polish to do that, more like chip off? But I love the packaging too, you would really like it!!