Sunday, May 15, 2011

Retail Therapy

This week I needed some retail therapy - actually the longer I've been waiting for lungs the more shopping I do.  I could do worse things! Well Thursday I needed to get out after my surgery and I chose wisely and went to Target.  Who doesn't love Target? I actually had an agenda in mind because I had to get my make a wish child a gift for her trip (more on that at another post) but I knew I was going to be buying myself some goodies too!

I ended up getting an entire new set of summer plate ware, which felt really good I won't lie.  I love to make things pretty, and these dishes are totally pretty.  I mixed and matched from a few different sets to make a complete set

Pretty right?

I also got one of these tumblers from the new Calypso for Target line to use as a vase (the pink one obv)

I am also a self proclaimed makeup fanatic.  @firstclasspanda and @lindziah are the same way! So I picked up this cool item from Pixi that I've been seeing in lots of magazines. It is a cheek color as well as a lip color in one little product. I figure that it will be good to pack for trips.  The tip is the cheek color and the tube is the lip gloss. See:

Does shopping make you guys feel better when you're stressed or bummed out?

You might be seeing lots of "shopping" posts coming up....

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  1. I bought one of those bowls!!! And I loved those tumblers. So cute.

    And shopping always makes me feel better haha.