Monday, January 24, 2011

The Gallows

So I guess I must be living under a rock because I only heard of The Gallows in the South End like a little while ago and usually I am really up on new south end openings.  They are in the spot that Sage used to be in.  Well, Laura and I went last week and we were really excited about their menu.  They have a nice little space, and we love the valet parking.  We are early birds so we were some of the first diners to arrive.  I got a Tar & Feather drink which was really good, I didn't drink most of it because I had some heartburn from taking lots of Tylenol, but it was really refreshing! I fear my server thought I didn't like it, but I swear I did.  We were a little upset that french onion soup was no longer on their menu.  You know if you read this blog we are french onion soup groupies! But they had a lot of things that sounded interesting to us! We started with the Scotch Egg and poutine (hand cut fries with gravy and cheese curd)

Oh my God the fries were awesome.  The gravy was really really good.  I couldn't stop eating them seriously! They have different kinds but we just had the simple ones.  And I've never had a Scotch Egg before (a soft boiled egg wrapped in house made pork sausage and rolled in bread crumbs and fried)  The consistency of the yoke was perfect.  And the combination of the egg and the crunchy layer was really great.

I had two appetizers, roman gnocchi and little neck clams, instead of an entree and Laura had the Hudson Valley duck with pineapple chutney, sticky black rice, and brussel sprouts..


The duck seemed a little overcooked to me (I like it pinker) but other than that it looked good.  Laura said it was "good" I think.  The black sticky rice intrigued me.  My clams were done in blood orange, pink navels and fennel which sounded like a great combination to me.  And it was! I loved it, it all worked together really well, I could have drank the leftover "sauce."  (Sorry for the bad quality photo here!) My other appetizer was interesting.  I thought it was going to be gnocchi but it was not.  The beef bolognese on it was really good though!

We don't usually have room for dessert but they had a dessert that we couldn't say no to! It was a layer of bananas, peanut butter, chocolate and torched fluff and it was amazing! The taste of torched fluff is so good, I might even do this at home!

We were really happy with our experience here and we will come back again for the fries for sure and maybe some more torched fluff!

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