Sunday, January 30, 2011

And it continues...

Apparently people read this blog because they have been asking me how my bum is doing.  Hehehe.  Well, me and my bum were at the doctors on Friday and we are now on three antibiotics for what seems to be an infected abscess inside my right butt cheek.  People often get those in their mouths, you know? And then have to get them drained because they are so painful! Well I have one the size of a plum deep in my butt cheek! Like seriously....this could probably be happening to someone else instead, haha.  We are going to try the antibiotics for a week and go from there - if it doesn't get better they are going to have to perform surgery and drain it.  This will not be pleasant to have an open soar that has to heal on my bum, so cross your fingers for the antibiotics!

PS you can't see it! It's way way under the skin! 

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