Monday, August 11, 2014

beauty and essex

as you all know last Thursday I had a lung biopsy. I had to go into Manhattan the night before because my surgery time was early. It's always really nice to make a fun night, with a good meal and a fun hotel, before hospital procedures. My friend Aly had mentioned to me on several occasions that she had to take my to this restaurant in the lower east side called beauty and essex because they have mini food, and I have a big affinity for any tiny food item. But it's hard to get a reservation and sadly it had eluded me. But Wednesday night when I was looking at opentable, they had many openings!

here is everything I ate, and I recommend any of you in NYC to go for a fun night out! It's a secret restaurant in back of a little store, so don't be alarmed when you walk in and think "where is the restaurant?" just walk through the door and you'll enter in a very cool huge space filled with people and lovely food!

Love a good snack tray in a hotel room!
taco wonton

crispy onions, roast beef on pretzel bread

tomato soup with a cheese dumping - amazing

tempura fried lobster

tomato confit with quail eggs

cucumber soup
devil layer cake with milk ice cream

the most amazing nutella donuts

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