Tuesday, August 5, 2014

a hiccup

As you guys know I was supposed to be having much needed and long awaited sinus surgery tomorrow. Well I had to postpone it. Big bummer. I've been having some chest and back pain that got really severe on Sunday. ER trip included. My chest x-ray, EKG, and CT scan ruled out any heart problems, or blood clots. But since it's in the lung area I have to go Thursday for a lung biopsy. I had one scheduled for next week anyway as a yearly thing, but it's wise to do it sooner and make sure there is not any rejection or infection going on. And this totally puts the sinuses to the side now. I've been health issue free for about a year now, so this kind of knocks you back to reality that anything can go wrong at anytime--which is the scary harsh reality of chronic illness. I should at least have rejection results on Friday, and I will be sure to keep you guys in the loop! Thanks in advance for your positive thoughts!

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