Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have been itching to try pastoral since they opened up a few weeks ago. I'm a pizza freak! 

I was really impressed with their menu. There were so many things that sounded so good that I wanted to try! Way more than just pizza! All of their pasta dishes sounded amazing. We ended up ordering the prosciutto pizza because our waiter highly recommended it (and we were struggling to choose!) Along with a lobster carbonara special. And fried olives. 

Everything honestly was amazing. I find a lot of times people tend to make this type of pizza too thin and it won't stand up to the toppings, but this pizza had the optimal thickness for me, it was just chewy enough and cooked exactly right. The pasta was handmade and just a fantastic combination of ingredients--lobster, pancetta, peas, egg.  The fried olives had such a great flavor and just enough breading.

The only thing I was not crazy about was the wine on tap. I had both the cabernet and the pinot grigio. I would imagine a lot of people complain that they serve the wine in a drink glass and not a wine glass. I get trying to be trendy, but wine should be served in a wine glass even if it's stemless. 

Can't wait to go back and try more things!

Fried Olives

This glass for wine?

Prosciutto Pizza

Lobster Carbonara

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