Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm back with butter!

I hope you guys like the cleaner, fresher blog design here. I am going to attempt to truly post a few times a week about lungs, life, and food! I thought I'd come back here with a simple recipe about butter! This is not rocket science here!

I love everything about butter. It's color, it's consistency, the way it can transform from a cold solid, to something warm and soft, to something hot and liquid. And how it can be used in pretty much any cooking medium. It is the platform of so many dishes. It can elevate anything to be better. Lately I've been making honey butter. All you have to do is take softened butter - something you have left out for hours on your counter. And add a few tablespoons of honey to it. And mix it until it's a smooth completely mixed together consistency. It goes great with pretty much anything. Lately I have used it on fried chicken, biscuits, toast, and veggies. The saltiness, with sweetness and the two textures combined makes for a wonderful flavor and experience.  Please try it and let me know what you put it on and what you thought!


  1. Margarine raised. Butter convert. Never going back. Yay for butter on everything and for being first post!

  2. Ah I am so glad you converted. Margarine is like basically a sin! : )