Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mall Food Court Date

Don't let out this giant secret that I'll go on a food date to a food court -- because normally I would not! I'll do it for like a handful of people and because I love Sarku Japan (I keep calling it Sakura, but whatever.) And it's super convenient because Laura works like almost in the same building.  So tonight we met for Sakura and Pinkberry = Perfection. 

First though, I got lost in the Pru parking garage because I was forced to enter a way I normally don't.  That lost me 15 minutes! Finally once I got there we started off in Sephora because I wanted to try this new peel (blog later) and met two very nice sales people that guided me (shout out vanessa and guy at the register) I got my stuff and we went fast to Sarku.  Okay so I know I'm the only person that gets the meat here.  Is that weird? Everyone else gets chicken.  But I loved it, and ate almost all of it (tip get extra sauce)

Laura is here somewhere

Next we went over to Pinkberry where we finally go to taste the Salted Carmel flavor. It was really yummy but I didn't think I could stand a whole thing of it, so I stuck to regular flavor and Laura impressively got the carmel flavor and loved it!

a little melty
And that makes for our food court date tonight. Next up chick-fil-A!


  1. If not for that photo of the store front, I would still be calling it Sakura. WTF!? Why did we think that for So Long!

  2. We did say Sakura all day right? Hahahah

  3. Ahhh Chick-fil-a is my favorite!!! Can't wait for that post hahaha.

  4. I know, I told Laura how much you love it!!!