Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's been awhile...

Sorry for the lack of updates! Eek, I think I say this a lot! Last week Pazzo was critically ill (congestive heart failure) and it made for a long long long week, but he seems to have made a super recovery and even goes for his usual buzz cut today! Things are looking up.  Hopefully everyone had a nice fourth.  Mine included lots of food and friends! My aunt Alisha came, and Laura and Abe came on Sunday for the day and I force fed them: hot dogs, chicken wings, pizza dip, Stromboli, pasta salad, grilled cheese, crab cakes, chicken and broccoli, pulled pork and salad.  I made the grilled cheese (brie and apple, or just mozzarella) and the crab cakes (with my own homemade mayo!) and the pasta salad.  I also made a somewhat Martha version of sangria because I didn't have all the ingredients where I used white wine, watermelon, strawberries and sprite and that seemed to be a big hit!

I'm not sure what we were looking up?

After all the food we hopped in the boat and enjoyed the fireworks


  1. I look like 500000 pounds in that photo!! And I totally can't remember what I was looking for either... diet tips? Spanx?