Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stuffed Cabbage

I feel like stuffed cabbage is like an old lady food, but I really love it.  My grandmother used to make it all the time, and my mom used to make it quite a bit too and it's so easy.  All you will need is: rice, tomato soup, cabbage, and ground meat. 

This is how I make it, but there are a lot of different ways to make it.  I cook the rice first, I cook about 3 cups of rice and I steam the cabbage first too.  I then let the cabbage cool and take each leaf off so they are all ready to be stuffed.  Once the rice is done cooking I mix it with the ground hamburger (I probably use about 2 lbs, which uses up an entire head of cabbage leaves) The only thing I add is salt and pepper and then I put the mixtures into the cabbage leaves and roll them.  In a big pot (a lot of people cook this in the oven, but I assure you this way makes it better!) I put 4 cans of tomato soup and bring it to a high warm tempature, I then gently place the stuffed cabbage leaves in the soup (gentle so they don't fall apart, make sure they are rolled well!) and then put another one or two cans of tomato soup over them and let them cook until the meat is done, about an hour, but the longer you can simmer it of course the better.  I add some dill to the soup for a little flavoring, but you could really add any spices you want, and use any kind of ground meat you want, and add whatever you really wanted to be honest, some people use this same recipe and stuff it into a pepper instead if you don't like cabbage.  But this is a really good warm comfort food kind of meal!


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