Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shout Out To My Peeps

I have been mia this week, so sorry! I had a doctors visit Tuesday and that kind of wiped my out for days, and okay maybe sent me back a few notches in happiness.  So remember that infection I had awhile back? My infected abscess? Well I need to have surgery on it on the 10th (just a day procedure it shouldn't be a huge deal, but pain and recovery none the less) and while this happens, and I am waiting for it to happen I am inactive on the transplant list.  You see, they can't give me new lungs with an infection - it would likely spread and kill me very quickly.   So this needs to be taken care of before I can go back on the list.  The thing is, I really need new lungs, I'll rarely say it, but I do! And I had high hopes for getting them in April or May (and attending my friend Betsy's wedding in CA).  It could still happen near the end of May, but if I am attached to this oxygen hose and pretty much not doing a lot when summer breaks, I fear for what that might be like.  I'm normally cheerful and roll with the punches and what comes my way I can take, but this has been a very slow process of being sick, getting sick enough, being really sick, getting on the list, etc....So it hasn't been the best week ever, BUT I seriously have some really amazing people in my life that helped cheer me up, even without knowing it, and I must give them some credit.  One of my BFF's Aly came to visit me from nyc on Monday and then came to the doctors with me all day Tuesday, that was a nice treat! Thursday night I got to have an awesome burger with my other BFF and her hubby, they always make me laugh, and I got a very sweet text from my other bestie Lindsey which made my day! And then to my surprise Friday I got a brownie delivery from my amazing friend Kerri! Big shout out! This totally made my week to get an unexpected gift like this and know someone was thinking of me, seriously like I think it made my eyes water.  I might not come out and say a lot that I'm down or it's been a hard week, but seriously all the texts (shout out Crystal & Amber), comments, emails and FB messages (shout out Betsy & Michelle & Terry) really make a huge difference in keeping my spirits up when it gets harder....And my family that always checks in (my grandma, Alisha and Karen!)

Lots of people need to be mentioned here like Laurie, Jess, Becca, Jan, Judy and tons of others that I am not sure want their name in the blogosphere....but sorry if you did want to be mentioned and aren't... lungs at the end of May please come my way!

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