Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mini Needles

I have been going to acupuncture for awhile now, trying to correct my digestive system, since my stomach wrap for my severe heartburn seemed to screw it up so much.  I think actually it's been helping me so much.  Well yesterday my acupuncturist left these tiny little mini needles in two of my stomach points; I think they are supposed to stay in for like days! Well, I got done with my session around 11:30 and proceeded to go pick up lunch, and let me tell you, after I ate it was not pretty.  All day I was pretty violently ill, coming from every orifice possible, continually.  It was painful and horrible.  I kept the little needles in because I thought well, who knows maybe it was the chicken I had for lunch or something, but this morning I have been violently ill too, so I took them out, because it started right after my session.  Maybe keeping mini needles in my stomach point put me over the edge.  It's amazing that that could happen from two barely visible needles left in my stomach points.  I hope taking them out fixes this problem because I have a golf tournament today, and a bridal shower tomorrow, both of which I can't spend in the bathroom. 

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