Monday, January 18, 2016

To doing everything you want in 2016...

I was able to cross many things off of my "to do" list last year; I hope that you guys did too! But if not 2016 is a new year to do the things you want to do! A few months ago I saw an article about how you could go swimming with wild pigs in the Bahamas. I knew right away I needed to go do this! I love animals and any interaction I can get with them. This seemed so cool! I've been getting so much better as I get older at just doing things I really want to do. I don't really go back and forth about things like I used to. It's become a great habit to just say to myself: I want to do it, I am going to do it! And then actually do it! So I booked plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and the pig excursion, without any hesitation.

When the time came a few months later to actually go I was thrilled with my decision. The day with the pigs was awesome. It wasn't like some magical religious experience. It was just really truly an awesome experience. The pigs were amazing. We were brought out about 60 miles from our hotel to an island were only wild pigs exist. It was so cool to watch them swim. Pigs don't normally swim but out of necessity to get food a 400 lb pig can teach itself to swim. This is a lesson any of us can learn. When you need to survive, you will learn how to survive. Here is hoping you all do everything that your heart desires in 2016!

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