Friday, July 11, 2014

how and why

I’ve focused a lot of my latest blog posts in the past year on what I’ve been doing in life – mainly eating and traveling. It is easy to forget that I’m only able to do those things because I’ve had two double lung transplants. The mind has a way of hiding traumatic events deep inside—everyone has as least one. But several times a day I think of the fact that I am breathing through someone else’s lungs—a gift of life that two separate families gave to me during their hardest moment. There are a lot of emotions that make me think about this: sadness, happiness, pain, humility, fear, gratitude and so on. It’s always good to have a center to bring you back to the world and mine just happens to be that my lungs are not my own. It is a scary wonderful miracle of a thing that helps me to move forward when I am stuck. Or helps me to be thankful when I am not. I think there may be this perfection that when you beat something (read: ANYTHING) that from the point of survival on you are always joyful and happy and thankful. That is not so. I have hard days and easy days. I have bright and dark—same as anyone. The point is there is always something to bring you back to why you are here and why you are continuing to fight. I heard this really great quote a few weeks ago: if you have a “why” you can get through any “how”. And I believe that is the truth. Your how may not be waiting for a lung transplant, but we all have something. And hopefully we all have a why….

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