Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm back!

Hi all of you beautiful people that I have neglected the past year! I apologize! I guess the good news is, that means things have been going great here with lungs pair number 2! I haven't really had any major bumps in the road with my lungs (just a minor fungal infection that we took care of right away) and so far so good! Things have been different the second time around for sure... I still experience pain and discomfort (which I never had with lungs number 1!) my lung function remains much lower than my first pair, and my kidneys took a hit from my second surgery so we are watching them closely! But I AM BREATHING and I AM ALIVE, so what could be better?

I am working on writing a memoir about my journey, so I would love to start blogging again as much as possible, to share my life with you guys again! I hope that you will return and share with me what is going on on your life!

PS.  Amazingly my little guy Pazzo, with all his health problems and old age, is still kicking!


  1. I think you are the only one that reads this, haha.

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